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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Memorial City Mall

Again this week, we were forced indoors by the weather - this time the rain. Not to worry though, we turned our indoor walk into another adventure. We made our way out to Memorial City Mall, just off of Gessner Rd. and I-10. Prior to the visit -my first to this mall- I read on line about how walker-friendly it is, and we found that to be true. There's a sign-in sheet at the information kiosk, in the middle of the mall, for those who participate in the participating Medicare Advantage insurance plans. There are mileage markers found throughout - stop by the information kiosk for a walking map, which indicates where the markers are. They weren't that easy to find otherwise. The markers are found as a tile in the floor, next to the wall, about every half mile or so. The mall itself opens for business at 10:00AM, but other websites refer to the doors being open as early as 5:30am for walkers and employees. You should check this yourself by calling first if you're an early bird. We didn't show up 'til nine and there were probably 50 walkers there by then.

 Memorial City Mall is not the largest in size but it has bang for the buck. The mall itself seems very clean and modern, with an attention catching mix of shops, and five anchor stores. I actually look forward to going back there and shopping one day. There's a very nice play area for kids, a carousel, an ice rink, a huge food court, lots of natural light, and lots and lots of walkers. If ever you felt silly walking in a mall, there's no need for that here 'cause you'll fit right in.  

We started our walk near Target and just did our standard right turn thing. If you walk the entire mall, including the pedestrian bridge that leads to Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center and Westin Hotel, you will have walked approximately 2 miles. We did it twice for good measure.

Elaine had been to Memorial City before and insisted we visit this small park located just outside the mall - practically in the parking lot. I had my doubts. Once we were done with the inside walk we took the Macy's sky bridge (off of the Macy's second story parking structure) to see the Cobalt building fountains and then we walked across the parking lot to the very amazing Texas Heritage Park. Elaine was correct for insisting. This place too has bang for the buck (even though it's free). It's a beautifully maintained park, donated to the Memorial City Management District by a real estate developer named MetroNational. It's so worth a look! It is Texas heritage themed and has on display some super fun iron art, along with amazing Texas flora all throughout. This is one of those little places in Houston that few mention, but it's there, just waiting to be visited - making Houston the really great city it is.

We topped the whole thing off with a cup of coffee from a wonderful, quiet and modern little coffee/sandwich shop located just on the Westin end of the pedestrian bridge. I want them to stay in business of course, but loved the place so much I'm reluctant to give the name so we can keep it all to ourselves - Ingredient's Cafe was the place

I'm usually not too excited about walking indoors, but this walk changed my mind. It was worth every step.

Happy Houston (Indoor) Trails,

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. My wife and I are walkers, and were dismayed this morning to find the weather unsuitable for our ritual walk at Armand Bayou. Thanks to your recommendation we are going to make the commute to Memorial City! I'll let you know what we thought. Again, thanks for sharing. -David